Friday, April 5, 2013

Bender's an old lumpy man

Bender had three lumps examined by the Vet this evening. She took a fine needle aspiration of two of them and concluded they were fatty lipomas which we need to keep an eye on. The lump under his collar is a wart-like growth and they will only take it out if it turns black or gets irritated. It's probably a good thing that Bender isn't often walked using his collar - we have a harness for him.

They did the lump check for free as well, which I think is a sign of an awesome Vet. I have been briefed to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't change. She also said that if he suddenly sprouts more lumps then bring him back as well.

He now weighs 30 kilograms, and the Vet said that was a good weight for him because he still has a waist. She wasn't concerned about him not eating as much as he used to as now that he is getting older he is moderating his weight himself. 

All in all, good news! 

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