Thursday, April 18, 2013

Foster Dogs doing the Job...

Mouse is a very smart little cookie. In fact, she is here right now helping me to write this blog entry.

It is hard to believe, I know, but not everyone here loves Mouse. Mittens smacked her across the nose and made it bleed all over the tiles in the kitchen. Mouse would like you all to know that she was just playing with Mittens and trying to make friends, but that Mittens was just being unreasonable and mean. Her nose is OK now, since she is young and fit and has super healing powers. 

Whilst we are still working on leash manners I have successfully trained her to sit!

Who said Greyhounds can't sit again?

She also goes into her crate on command though she much prefers the couch. She has not had any toileting accidents since that day right at the start when she peed on the dog bed.

She has worn out her grace period with Miss Barbie now and gets growled at if she does any trampling or invading of personal space. Barbie still lets Mouse do things she would not allow another dog to do.

Now I know my blog followers will be sad to hear this, but Mouse will not be here for much longer. One of the families that came to meet her on the weekend decided that she is the one for them. Perhaps her new forever family will send me some photos for the blog so that you can still get your fix of beautiful white Greyhound. 

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