Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stuffie Hunting - Barbie catches a Snake!

Australia has a reputation for it's dangerous wildlife. We have snakes that are not only venomous, but will fight to the death if they are attacked. It is not difficult to tell if a snake is venomous or not - odds are that it is, there are not many harmless snakes in Australia.

Usually snakes are shy and avoid humans at all costs. People are only usually bitten if they try to catch or kill the snake. The same goes for dogs.

It is very rare to find a snake just hanging out in your house, that is for sure.

Barbie the Fierce captured her prey in the living room after an intense battle. It was not easy, but with her lightning-fast Greyhound reflexes, she finally bagged herself a green-ringed-snake.

Turns out that this is one of the rare non-venomous snakes in Australia. Good thing too, because Barbie decided she would like to keep it as a pet, and carried it gently back to her bed.

Where was Bender when all this was happening? He was ripping apart his newest stuffie, of course.

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