Saturday, September 24, 2011

Like herding cats....(Frou's new trick)

Ok, the inspiration from this post came from Rescued Insanity. I have two kitties, and while I believe one of them is constantly controlling the world with her kitty mind and constantly has an evil look on her face, the other kitty is much more trainable.

Froufrou, who we can also call 'keg cat' loves her food and is also very attention motivated. I have taught her to jump across from the couch to the chair, to the table. As she is a keg she is not particularly athletic but I thought teaching 'hup' might help to make up for the treats she is getting. This time she is being trained with pieces of kangaroo sausage. Kangaroo is low in fat, though the sausages do have a significant amount of salt added to them. I think it's better for her waistline than cheese, and she is just as willing to work for it.

Like Shiva, Barbie likes to interfere with cat-training. She cannot resist the yummy kangaroo sausage smell.

And for those who want more doggie cuteness - here is a short clip of Barbie playing with one of her first squeaky balls - I found it when I was clearing out imovie and thought it was too cute not to share.

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