Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beach Trip!

There was some stormy weather rolling in, but after going on a bike ride in the morning, we decided to take the dogs to the beach. Barbie took the opportunity to cut loose with a few hot laps. She doesn't  go very far away from us these days but she has got high speed turns down pat. 

Banking turn at high speed - only one foot on the sand.
Of course, Bender is only interested in one thing. Fetching his ball. He plays very hard. So hard that he managed to break a nail on his back foot today. 

Bender playing his favorite game. 
Barbie was a perfect angel. There was one other dog on the beach, and I knew she wanted to go and say hello. I have trained her to not go too far away when she is off leash, so she headed towards the dog, but stopped when she knew she was going too far. She waited for us to catch up, went to see the dog, but he wasn't interested in her, so she continued on with us.

Barbie showing off her off leash heel.
After her laps, Barbie decided she would have a little rest on the sand. Her ears were flapping slightly in the wind.

Barbie having a rest.

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