Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stop the Stuffie Massacre!

A lot of my regular readers will remember this post, where you were all introduced to this charming pink monkey. The monkey came to an agonising death last night - torn limb from limb.

Of course, Barbie was not the culprit. It was in fact N & Bender whose spirited game of tug of war resulted in monkey's grisly end.

Unfortunately Bender refused to pose with the pieces - instead he grabbed the monkey's head and threw it at me like a ball - somewhat macabre, I think.

So this leads me to a question - does anyone know of a 'tougher' stuffie which I can order online? I have heard of a tough dragon stuffie, but I cannot seem to get it into Australia. The problem is that Barbie will only play with stuffies, but if Bender gets hold of them, well, you can see what happens.
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