Friday, September 6, 2013

Olive Returns

Olive didn't last too long in her trial. It seems that she had an issue with the Alpacas, she rushed at the fence and scared them. Unfortunately every time they saw her they let out their 'alert' call which apparently sounds like a 'demented squeaky toy'. I am not sure what self-respecting dog could resist that kind of sound!

She was only gone for 5 days and so she settled right back into our routine very quickly.

She shared Bender's dinner with Frou Frou - there are never any bowls of kibble left at the end of the night, with everyone finishing off everyone else's food. 

Frou also tested out Olive's tolerance as they shared the couch....

She is such a delightful little girl and gives great cuddles. In fact, I think that Olive is so sweet she will rot your teeth! She is also a bit of a nut case and has taken to sprinting out the back door as soon as I open it, so a couple of times I tried holding on to her collar. It didn't stop her sprinting but because the tiles are slippery she just ran on the spot.

Olive certainly doesn't know that all greyhounds are made from spun sugar and will dissolve in the rain. She loves to walk in the rain and stomp in the mud. My floors are much dirtier when she is around!

I think Barbie was a little put out by the return of Olive, but Frou made sure she got an equal amount of cuddle time. 

Olive and Barbie also spend a lot of time lying in close proximity. Perhaps it is because they both want to be in the sun puddle in the lounge room, but I like to think they enjoy each other's company.

I have been switching up walking partners so each dog gets their share of one on one time. I think my least favorite combination is the Bender-Olive combo as they both have their crazy tendencies and it takes a lot more concentration to keep them both on the straight and narrow. 

I have rewritten Olive's biography, so hopefully it will attract some more interest. 

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