Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Barbie's leg - update (and praise for the Medipaws boot)

We went back to the surgeon today and he was happy with how her foot was healing. She has a solid layer of granulation tissue and now the little skin cells have to link up over the top. She is off the antibiotics, so unfortunately for her, no more breakfasts!!

Not feeding breakfast will at least make my mornings a little easier when I am trying to get ready for work. One less step is all the better.

Every morning I have to fiddle around with an IV bag and elastic band to put on her leg and keep the damp grass away from her dressing.

Then there are the people who want to talk to us when we are out walking. Everyone looks at her and goes 'aaaaawwww so cute, what happened to her foot?' They seem to want to stop and talk all the time, even if their own dog is a bit freaked out.

I signed up for the greytalk forums when Barbie went in for surgery and a couple of the members there suggested I order a Medipaws boot. I had to order it online and wondered if it would get to me in a timely manner. It only took a week so it looks like we will get plenty of use out of it, I can now ditch the IV bag and elastic band.

The other good news is that the surgeon has approved an extension of walk-times from 5 minute walks to 10 minute walks. The boot will keep her dressing nice and safe, clean and dry. We might even be able to resume our cafe visits this weekend! 

"Excuse me, can I please do my business in private? K THNX BAI!"
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