Sunday, September 8, 2013

Barbie goes for a cruise around Roleystone Markets

The dogs know when it is the weekend. If it is past 8.30am and I am still pottering around the house, they start to follow me closely. They cannot let me go out on an adventure without them! The plan for today was to go and check out a friend's market stall and partake in some goodies.

I briefly considered bringing both greyhounds, but decided I wanted to be able to socialise and purchase food without worrying about a bouncing dog on the end of the leash (looks at Olive). Naturally Barbie was my choice of companion. Olive tried very hard to state her case by leaning against my legs whenever I tried to move around the house.

(Olive said I couldn't use the photos I took of her attempting to trip me over. She suggested I use this photo from yesterday when she got dressed up to support my Aussie Rules football team, the Fremantle Dockers)

When we first arrived Barbie was a tiny bit nervous, I think the place reminded her of the Canning Show where we helped with a Greyhounds as Pets Display. She really didn't have a great day there, there was a noisy band with brass instruments, and it rained pretty much the whole time we were there.

The markets were pretty busy but it was a nice mellow atmosphere with an acoustic musician playing and quite a few other well behaved doggies perusing the stalls.

There were pony rides and so I was happy I didn't bring Bender, he is petrified of horses. After we walked around and were there for a while, Barbie decided to just flop down onto the grass. She is such a cruisy dog.

It made it very easy to partake in the goodies my friend was selling, and people mainly didn't bother her. She waited patiently for me to get her a treat. I think she wanted a soft serve icecream, but I got her a sausage instead.

The people at the sausage sizzle were a little bit confused about my request for a 'sausage sizzle for me and just a sausage with no bun for the dog'. They only charged $1.50 for Barbie's sausage and gave me a bunch of serviettes to carry it in until it cooled down enough for her to eat. 

Overall I think Barbie enjoyed her day out, even if I didn't buy her an icecream as well. She was so well behaved, I think I will definitely go to more dog friendly markets in future, even if I do have to drive to them. 

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