Friday, August 30, 2013

Olive leaves the building and Barbie's tricky time!

Last night Olive went on trial with a lovely couple who live in the Perth Hills - they have a young dog and alpacas. 

She has adapted well to house life, and has made much progress in learning how to use a dog bed since this photo was taken. N said 'nice try, but it seems she hasn't grasped the concept fully'. 

Olive was nice to the kitties, most of the time, and they were quite happy to share space with her. Barbie seemed to be a bit subdued when Olive was here because she didn't want to be chased. It was probably a smart move.

Good luck on your trial sweet Olive. You are welcome back here if it doesn't work out, but hopefully it will!!!!

Since Olive was gone, I had to do some doggie stuff to keep myself occupied. A friend of mine posted an adorable video of her dog Charlie doing 'roll over'. Charlie is a little boy, so I thought it was about time we committed Barbie's tricks to video and people could laugh at the differences between Barbie's roll over and Charlie's. 

I didn't bother to edit the video so this is realtime of Barbie running through her repertoire. 

What is your favorite dog trick? 

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