Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Outings with Olive - Breakfast in East Perth & a big, noisy crowd

Olive has been listed as being up for adoption on Facebook, Gumtree and Petrescue, so I don't think she is going to be with us much longer. With that in mind we decided that we should try her out in some new situations so that we could get more of an idea of her personality.

Barbie and Bender were pretty tired after their two hour outing to Whiteman Park, but I thought that Barbie would like to come out to breakfast. We went to the Partisan in East Perth again. We parked down near the river so we wouldn't have to pay, and got to take the dogs for a little walk to Claisebrook Cove, where the cafes are.

Olive is a bit like her sister Mouse, she doesn't like to walk in a straight line. I think she will understand the idea of leash walking fairly quickly though.

I ordered some fruity French toast and I didn't like it much - I should have stuck with poached eggs on toast, but Olive tried to stick her nose on my plate the second the waiter set it down.

Olive is a real people magnet, and once they come and start patting her, there's no stopping, because she won't let them! She didn't really relax during breakfast, but she did pretty well. 

When we walked back to the car, Olive jumped into the back by herself. We came home and let the dogs rest for a while and I watched a game of football. We then headed back out to the Avon Descent finish at Riverside Gardens with Olive to see how she would deal with the PA system and the maddening crowds. 

She was a bit tired and a bit overwhelmed by all the noise, but she didn't shut down and turn into a greyhound statue. I think she just needs to go to more of these types of events and her confidence will grow. She met some gorgeous kids who just wanted to cuddle her. 

We also met a couple of ladies who had three tiny chihuahuas. The lady bought the smallest Chi over - who was about half the size of Frou - absolutely tiny. The Chi tried to sniff Olive's butt but only managed to reach her ankle. The lady held the little Chi up to Olive's nose, but the Chi was a bit freaked and was flailing it's legs around trying to kick Olive in the muzzle. Olive didn't even flinch. 

We didn't stay long as it was clear that Olive was tired. When we got home she did exactly what Mouse did - refused to get out of the car. She was comfy on the back seat and just wanted to sleep there. 

Silly Olive!!!! 

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