Friday, August 23, 2013

Ms Olive may soon depart...

Olive is really coming out of her shell. She has gone from just stopping next to you and standing still while accepting scratches to leaning against your legs and wiggling her butt when you scratch her. She is now playing chasey and tug-o-war with Bender. She jumps into the car without hesitation. There's no doubt that she is ready to go.

I took her to visit my buddy's new greyhound Miles and they played very nicely together with his toys before passing out on the lounge room rug. Miles is a bit of a 'soft' dog, Australians call him 'wussy', but Olive was nice enough to him. 

In the morning when my alarm goes off she sneaks up onto the bed for cuddles. She tried to sneak onto the bed with me last night and it only took a small amount of coercion to get her back onto her own bed until the morning. 

Barbie is incredibly tolerant and lets Olive share her bed. I think Barbie actually likes her, even though she hogs my attention sometimes. 

You know that a greyhound is relaxed when you catch them roaching at every opportunity. Olive has gotten better at roaching as I have fattened her up a little bit. 

Olive met had a date this evening and will have another one in the morning. I expect that she will be adopted very soon. We will all miss her though! 

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