Friday, June 14, 2013

Whiteman Park visit with Zelda, Bender, Barbie and my new favorite playmate, Teddy!

I transport all three dogs in my X-trail, and the rule always has been 'foster dogs in the back'. I have a cargo barrier separating the spaces so that no-one gets cranky with anyone else on the drive. The only problem is that Zelda can't jump up there by herself and she is HEAVY. I can lift her more easily now than I could a week and a half ago, but perhaps that is because she has lost a kilogram or two and perhaps I am a little stronger...

Miss Zelda says 'I would never cause any trouble!'

It is a bit of a juggle to get all the dogs out of the car and into the park - but that is mainly because of Bender. He is a sweet boy, but he just can not control himself when there is fetching involved. He runs around and around, and jumps up to try to steal the ball from it's throwing stick. The greyhounds don't appreciate his antics.

We got into the park without too much trouble, and Zelda seems to have some recall programmed into her brain - she came back when I decided to test her response to her name! She needs to be formally conditioned and proofed for recall, sure, but I don't think it will be that difficult with her. 

I bought the Gopro along to see if I could get the hounds running together, but the one time when Zelda and Barbie really went for a burn I didn't have the camera ready. I got some zoomies from Barbie alone though.

You will notice in the video two of the black hounds don't have muzzles. Barbie's was broken when I got it out of the car, so I decided to let her go naked. Teddy doesn't wear one because well, he is a beautiful soul and well...Teddy fetches tennis balls, he is the first greyhound I have met in WA who does. He is very sweet because he lets Bender get to the ball first, even though he is clearly much faster. He doesn't have as much as an 'eye' for the ball as Bender does - you can see that in the video where all the other dogs go in the wrong direction, but Bender's the one who gets the ball.

Anyway, enjoy our trip to Whiteman Park!!!

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