Saturday, June 29, 2013

Barbie's sore foot and long eyelashes...

Barbie has had an abscess on her foot for a little while now. We went to the vet and she gave us antibiotics, but once the course was over it opened up again, so we had to go back.

This time the drainage hole is much bigger and the vet said it doesn't look very deep, so we are going to try more antibiotics and some cleaning with saline water - hopefully it heals as I don't want them to have to do surgery.

After the Vet visit, we walked a couple of blocks to the nearest City Farmers where I got a big Kong Wobbler for Zelda, and one for the cats as well. As we were walking, Barbie gave her sweet doe eyes to a young lady who was walking next to us. The lady couldn't resist, and said hello and tried to pat Barbie, but Barbie pulled her head away. Big tease. I apologised and she thought it was cute. 

Once in City Farmers, I was looking for the kitty Kong Wobbler, and Barbie caught a few people's attention. Some people are just drawn to her like a magnet, and she accepted pats from most of them, especially if they gave her a scratch under the chin. 

I am not sure it was a big enough outing for her but until her foot heals she is going to have to be happy with boring on-leash adventures. Oh, the poor princess!

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