Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Legend of Zelda - Finding Hidden Treasure

Sorry I have been a bit slack in updating the blog, we just spent 5 days in the South West with all three dogs and I will write about that next, but I have a great Zelda story to share in the meantime.

Zelda, overall, has been a really good dog. We have been leaving her in the house with Bender and Barbie and without supervision for a few hours at a time and she has not stolen anything at all. Last night we went out to see P!NK in concert, and it was a bit wet and cold outside, so the dogs stayed in. When we got home everything was how we left it, except for a wee puddle on the tiles. That was probably my fault because I took Zelda into the garden but didn't have an age to wait for her to go, and she never did!

Anyway, we cleaned up and went to bed a lot later than usual. I was already half asleep when N came in with the dogs. They were given their usual dentastick treats and they spent a while chomping away, then Zelda started sniffing around the room.

It's not unusual for Zelda to sniff around looking for cats under the bed but she did sniff for an unusually long time. Then the sniffing was replaced with chewing sounds.

N: "hasn't Barbie finished her Dentastick?"
J: "I'm pretty sure she is finished"
N: "what is that chewing noise then?"
J: "I don't know, let me sleep"
N: "Is Barbie just chewing on her leg?"
J: "If she was making that much noise chewing on her leg, she would be doing damage to herself"

At this point I forced myself awake and turned on the light so I could see what is going on. Barbie was lying in a ball on her bed, so I looked over to the other side of the room and spotted Zelda enthusiastically chewing on N's jumper.

J: "she's chewing on your jacket, you better get it off her!"

N confiscated the jacket and realised that she had left treats in her pocket. Zelda apparently doesn't understand how pockets work, so she was using brute force to chew a hole in the pocket and allow access to the treats. She was mainly successful at getting the food out.

N put the jacket in the cupboard to prevent further chewing and not long after everyone settled down and went to sleep. We all learned to empty unused treats from pockets from now on!

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