Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greyhound Angels Picnic, Mouse date and Zelda Update

Yesterday we had a fundraising picnic for the group I am fostering Zelda for, Greyhound Angels of Western Australia.

The picnic raised about $600 with a bit more in the donation tins, and mainly it was just adopters and foster carers. I took Barbie and Zelda along and they made a very cute couple.

Barbie is the one in the white muzzle being leaned on by Zelda. The big brindle that Barbie is leaning on is Jeffrey. Usually Barbie only lets big boys lean on her back like that but she doesn't mind Zelda there. 

The Greyhounds proved how amazing they are socialising with so many other Greyhounds on leash in close proximity. I did not see anyone get cranky. 

I convinced Mouse's mum to bring her for a run in the dog park, and to come over and meet some of the Greyhound Angels crew. She was almost mobbed, so many people recognised Mouse and came over to say hello. She did a great job of selling greyhounds to an older couple who were asking her a lot of questions. 

Mouse has been a naughty greedy guts, stealing a massive loaf of Olive bread at home and eating every last crumb. She didn't even get an upset stomach! She is still lean but looking really good - at least you can't see her hip bones anymore. She is a lean, mean eating machine! 

Mouse seemed to recognise her kennel-buddy Ellie in the park. It was quite sweet, they ran to each other and had a good sniff. Mouse and Barbie did the same. 

There were so many black hounds there I had trouble recognising Zelda when everyone was running in the dog park area. Barbie demonstrated her great recall, even coming to me when once when I was trying to get Zelda's attention, not hers. At least I could always figure out which one was Barbie! 

As I was busy trying to eat, talk and keep Barbie and Zelda from tangling me up, I didn't get to take any photos, so these are from other lovely Greyhound Angels people. 

After spending hours at the park, Barbie and Zelda were pretty tired so I decided to let Zelda and Mittens spend some time in close proximity. Mittens went under my bed where Zelda cannot reach her and Zelda did stare for a while, but then she got on the bed and hung out with me. At one point Mittens had enough and came out, chasing Zelda out of the door, before turning around and going back under the bed. Eventually Zelda left the room with me and slept on the couch. Mittens roamed around the house a little, I found her in the bathroom when I went to put her to bed. 

Zelda hanging out with me while there is a cat right underneath us. 

Bender was a bit upset that he didn't get to come to the picnic. I don't think he would have enjoyed himself as all of the greyhounds would have been after him and his ball. He spent an hour clinging to me when I got home. He has forgiven me now thankfully, and is lying in the very small patch of sun in the lounge room. The greyhounds are both still tired. 

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