Monday, May 20, 2013

The things ladies have to put up with

Barbie wanted to tell you all that she is being treated very poorly on her walks lately. I'd say it's not really anyone's fault. The problem is Bender. Lately he has become a poop machine.

I couldn't put a picture of him pooing... so here's a cute picture of something he does almost as often - retrieving.

He has taken to dividing his poops up, and going three separate times on a walk. Due to a poop bag shortage, N had to reuse the same bag and do a bit of juggling to get the second poop into the bag.

They reached a street corner, and as is the usual rule, the dogs had to sit before they were allowed to continue across the street.

N: Sit!
Barbie: Yes, sitting! Treat now!
*N hands Barbie a treat*
Barbie: No! No! No!
N: What is wrong?
Barbie: how can you not smell that?
N: What?
Barbie: I can't believe you humans, no sense of smell and blind as a bat too!
N: I still don't know what you are talking about?
Barbie: You have POOP on your fingers!!!
N: Do you want your treat or not?
Barbie: But it has POOP on it!
N: Well, you don't have to eat it.
Barbie: Urrrr, OK
*delicately grabs the treat without touching smelly fingers*
Barbie: OM NOM NOM... can you please wash your hands next time?

Oh Barbie, such a little lady. Bender didn't even notice and took his treat with gusto!

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