Friday, May 17, 2013

Perth Dog Parks: Jorgensen Park

I have been looking around for new places for us to go now that the beach is not so appealing in winter. I found Jorgensen Park on - we were heading out to the south eastern suburbs of Perth already, so I figured a detour up to Kalamunda on the way back would be just the ticket.

The park used to be a golf course and is located adjacent to Kalamunda National Park. In Australia dogs are not allowed in National Parks, but Jorgensen Park is just as good for a quick hike.

The car park is located on 'Cres Road' so aim for that instead of 'Spring Road' - which is where Google Maps will send you. It is a big park with many trails and one of the very few natural places in the Perth metropolitan area where dogs are allowed off leash.

The rocky trails were a little bit hard on Barbie's feet, but that wasn't a bad thing, we knew that she wouldn't try to do zoomies through the bush with so many rocks around.

As we were walking along, a beautiful Border Collie appeared after running through a thick stand of trees. He had a great time greeting Bender and Barbie, and after probably five minutes he finally seemed to hear his owner, who had been calling him all along. He sprinted back through the bushes to her and Nic had to be quick to call Bender and stop him from following.

They also had fun with a little Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a brown labrador cross looking dog.

Bender and Barbie really liked this park and we will be sure to return there in winter, even though it's quite a drive from our place!
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