Monday, May 13, 2013

Barbie's Winter Coat - the Foster Dog teaches the House Dog a lesson...

Barbie and Mouse had a great relationship and it was more than I could have hoped for, given that Mouse's trainer did not believe the two 'bitches' would get along. While Barbie showed Mouse the ropes, there was something that Mouse taught Barbie.

When I first got Barbie I bought her a nice soft quilted type coat to wear around the house when it is cold. She was never a huge fan of any kind of clothing and she used to undo the belly strap and wriggle out of it.

Even when we left the dogs in the Paw House kennel through winter while we went to the Tour de France, Barbie refused to wear a coat. The guy at the kennel said she always took them off, and that she preferred to make a nest out of a pile of blankets.

When we had Mouse here, the temperature dropped markedly on a couple of the nights. I pulled Barbie's coat out of the drawer and put it on Mouse. Apparently this was upsetting for Barbie! Mouse could wear her collar, steal her toys, have her bed and her crate, but she wasn't allowed to wear her coat.

Barbie sprinted up to Mouse and nipped at the coat as if she was trying to pull it off her. She then followed Mouse around the house very closely, until Mouse came up on to the couch and sat next to me.

Barbie: Hey! That's mine! Don't you have enough of my things?
Mouse: ...
Me: Be nice, Barbie. Can't you see Mouse is cold?
Mouse: I am little and cold!
Barbie: Hrumph! Maybe I am cold as well, then what happens?
Me: You never liked your coat before. Anyway, Mouse needs it more than you. Mouse is bony and skinny. You have more fat to insulate you.
Barbie: Hmph! That is no way to speak to a lady!!

After Barbie walked off in a huff, she curled up on her bed and did her best to look cold, but she wasn't really.

Tonight Barbie really did look cold, she was curled up in a little ball on the couch and looked a bit sad. I went and got the jacket from the table, and Barbie came sprinting towards me like she does when I pick up her collar and leash. She stood still and let me put it on, and now she is wearing it without any kind of complaint. She looks much more comfortable.

Just a reminder for all my followers, Mouse has a blog at - head over there for more Mouse goodness. 

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