Friday, May 24, 2013

A doggie date with Mouse at Whiteman Park

Whiteman Park is one of our favorite hang outs and Mouse came along on two trips to Whiteman while she was with us. The area is completely fenced so it is ideal for dogs who haven't quite got the hang of recall yet. Mouse doesn't stray far from her humans so I think her recall will get better rather quickly.

Her family had finally gotten her pretty pink collar, so she gave Barbie's gold spangly one back. I am sure it is the first of many collars this pretty little girl will call her own. You can't have a dog as pretty as that without having accessories for her! 

There was another foster Greyhound there called Steel. I recognised him from his photos on Facebook and he is a very handsome blue brindle boy.

The girls agreed that Steel is a very handsome big boy, though he was definitely a bit aloof, just like Barbie. I tried to get cuddles but he ignored me!

Barbie had a pretty quiet day, I don't think she wanted to run with Steel as she doesn't like to lose her self-made races around the park.

We all laughed at Mouse's cute running style as she ran around and had the time of her life. She didn't seem to mind if anyone else was faster.

I have been playing around with an 'automatic' editing video application on my new tablet, and this was the result of the day's romping.

This is my manually edited video. Which one do YOU like better?

Mouse was a bit overwhelmed when she came in the gate but after she had regained her bearings she recognised me and came bounding over for a cuddle. By the end of the day she was giving everyone else cuddles as well. She is such a sweet girl!

It is so good to see her getting along well in her new home. 

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