Saturday, May 4, 2013

All is Quiet in the House, Nobody is Stirring not even a Mouse...

It is amazing how quiet things are now that both of the fosters are gone. Now I have my four well mannered and compliant pets lounging around the living room. No one is sneaking into the bedrooms to steal socks. No one is jumping up and down on the couch as if it is a trampoline. No one is parading around, tail in the air, begging for my attention.

The first evening I got home from work after Mouse left us, Barbie went outside and searched the yard for her. She certainly likes being around her own kind and we will definitely be fostering more Greyhounds in the future, just for her. 

Bender also misses having someone to play tug of war with. At least Mouse tried to play tug of war. Barbie just runs around and does zoomies - she knows that is a game she can win. 

I sent a text to Mouse's new mumma, checking on how she is going. She is settling in well and her new little brother is apparently being nice. Mouse gets to sleep in human beds and is being totally spoiled with the sounds of things. 

I also got a brief update on Bumblebee - he is doing fine in his new home, and his new dad built him a HUGE scratching post which he loves to laze around on top of. King Bumblebee. That sounds about right. 

Whilst saying goodbye is hard, it is all worth it knowing that we helped these two lovely animals get awesome homes.

I would have loved to have kept Mouse, but it would be selfish of me to try and keep all the awesome dogs I come across. I mean really, I have Bender and Barbie already, there is only so much doggie awesomeness that can fit into one house. 

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