Friday, March 8, 2013

Who is the top cat?

The addition of a third cat to the household has certainly kindled some rivalry between them. Mittens has always been the bottom cat, and it seems nothing has changed for her.

Today Bumblebee was lying in Mittens' place on the cat tower. She wanted up, so she started hissing, spitting, growling and yowling at him. He simply ignored her and dispatched her with a few swishes of his tail. She gave up after a few minutes and disappeared.

The battle between Froufrou and Bumblebee for ascendency continues. Frou has taken to launching running attacks at Bee, swiping as she gets closer, but never quite connecting with him. Last night Bumblebee caught a cricket. He was ineffectually batting at it with his big fluffy paws. Frou soon realised he had caught something, so she ran over, grabbed it with her paw and then promptly ate it. Bumblebee didn't complain, perhaps he didn't have time to. Frou certainly believes she should be the top cat, but I don't think she has convinced Bumblebee of that.

Bee doesn't really have to do anything to prove himself. He is the big, regal, king of the cats.

He does show his youthful, three year old, exuberance often. He likes to play, and he loves to hide behind the curtains. He also finds himself inventive hidey holes. I left my sleeping bag draped over the chair in order to fluff up the down.

Maybe he wants to come camping with me? 

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