Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spish Splash - Bender's first time in a kayak on the water

Today after running some errands we took the dogs down to the river - I wanted to see how Bender would go in the kayak when it was actually on the water. I think he did pretty well for his first time out! He has pretty good balance on the boat, though the kayak isn't going to tip over anyway, it has a flat bottom like a barge.

Here is the result of our outing:

Bender the kayaking dog! I think soon he will get the hang of just sitting or lying down on the front, facing forward. I will need to phase out the treats soon though because they make him go a bit manic just trying to steal more and more of them out of the treat container.

Barbie waited fairly patiently on the shore line with Nic. She did try to get in once but she wasn't all that keen on it. She doesn't really fit in the little boat as she is too long. If Bender really enjoys kayaking I might trade up for a tandem boat, but at the moment I'm happy with my little stumpy Bic Oaussau.
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