Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Incompatible hobbies?

I have two hobbies that I absolutely love, but neither are very compatible with the dogs. The first hobby is cycling, and I do run Barbie with the bike, but she can't go very far, or very fast. If I had a smaller canine I would take him/her out all the time.

The second one is kayaking. I decided to buy a second hand, stable, short, 'sit on' style kayak to give the dogs a go at kayaking with me. It's a wet stormy night, so I dragged the new 'yak inside and introduced it to the dogs.

Bender was a natural, he was a bit dismayed by the sound that the plastic made when he transferred his weight, and it moved a bit on the rug, but he was OK with it. When he realised there were treats on offer he wouldn't let Barbie get in!

Barbie wasn't very keen, and would just put her front paws in. I decided that a bit more padding would entice the Princess.... and I was right. I had to put Bender outside though, because he would not hold his stay and would just leap into the boat before Barbie had a chance.

There is still a way to go to build her confidence, but I think I will also have to get her a lifejacket before I really want to take her out on the water. I will be taking Bender out on the water first I think.

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