Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Famous Bike Riding Golden Retriever

This dog is called Li-Li, and he is famous for guarding his owner's bicycle and then climbing on the back for a ride.

Notice how he barks when he's ready to go! I was looking for videos of bigger dogs balancing on bicycles, and found this. It was awesome.

I also found a blog from 2011 which is mainly just photos, a guy rode across Australia with his faithful Kelpie on the back of his bike and raised $26,000 for the Cancer Council and the MS Society.

It's worth having a look if you want to get an idea of what the Australian outback looks like. Coffee is awesome too. Their website is called Carrot and Coffee. I would love to do a trip like that with a dog, but  my dogs are 30kg each which is a lot of weight to be propelling with my weak little legs. I think I need to borrow a smaller, hardier dog for the trip.

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