Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our very own Dewey Beach

While every greyhound that lives in the USA seems to be headed to Dewey beach for a big party this weekend, I decided that we really needed to get out to the beach too. Turned out it was sunny, beautiful, and pretty quiet as well.

It is getting warmer as Summer approaches, so the dogs spent a bit more time in the water. The surf was still a bit rough though, so they stuck to just wading through it.

There was the usual saunter along the sand, mixed with more highly paced games of chase.

"There is no way you are going to catch me, slow dog, especially if I curl my front legs up in the air like this!"

"Ah hah! You have made a tactical error brother, of mine. Heading in a straight line after the ball makes you a sitting duck. I am going to get you. KAPOW."

OK after all that running it is time to cool off a little bit! Barbie spent a lot of time wading, and she even chased the waves a bit.

I also made a video of the day for your enjoyment. Goes for just about two minutes, and in it Barbie makes a friend.

or click here to go to youtube if you are having problems viewing it here (sometimes embedded videos have a bad day and refuse to play)

Both the dogs are passed out on the floor now. They are look more satisfied than they have been for weeks. They haven't been out for a good offleash burn for a while. Last time Bender ripped off one of the nails on his back foot, right at the root, and we were waiting for some nail growth to cover the end of his toe. The little bit of nail that has grown back held up well.

The only problem is that all that extra winter fluff that Barbie is currently sporting is taking a bit longer than usual to dry. I think she is too tired to care.

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