Friday, October 14, 2011

Magic glowing collar

There are a few disadvantages to being a black dog - the sun is hotter, as your coat soaks up the rays, and you blend into the night so people could easily walk into you.

For safety's sake, I bought Barbie an LED collar off ebay so that she will be visible when we are biking together after dark. It cost $6.99 with free postage. The bike already has good quality lights as I use it as transport myself, and I got some little silicone lights to put on the Walkydog pole so that other cyclists and pedestrians can see it clearly.

The collar and the silicone lights use little 'coin' style batteries so I'm not sure how long they will last - so far I have only used the collar for our half hour walk, but hopefully we won't burn through them too quickly!

I made a little video on our walk tonight so you can see what it looks like when I'm walking about a metre behind her, letting her go to the end of her leash.

I wish they made these kinds of things back when I was into nightclubs and dance parties - they would be a hit!

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