Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not Doris Day's next dog, but was a great experience!

Today was the day of the big PAWDITION for the Doris Day musical at the Regal Theatre. There was a variety of dogs there, a couple who seemed like theatre veterans and a lot of newbies.

We had to wait outside on the sidewalk, which was a little bit much for Barbie. There were a lot of people around and a lot of noisy trucks driving past. She was very interested in everything but I could tell she was getting tired by the time it was our turn to go in. The dogs were called in one by one and they had to go up on the stage with the star, sit on the lounge with the lights on them, and be totally at ease.

Three other greyhounds came to the auditions - these two were very sweet, but they didn't think much of being on the stage.

Barbie wore her new black & gold martingale and her 'canine good citizen' collar, but no doggie nail polish. The nail polish dries very quickly - which is good because the dog doesn't get a chance to ruin it, but being quick-drying, it stinks! As soon as I opened the bottle Barbie gave me a dirty look and went to hide in her crate.

Barbie didn't like the theatre at all when we first went in. We walked through the foyer, and then down the aisle. She was distracted by all the strange smells on the chairs, and then when we got to the stage, there were stairs. I was sure she would be OK on them but she decided she didn't want to walk up them. She turned into a statue from then on, so I took her out. We all went in as a group the second time and she was totally fine! Strange how she changed her mind so quickly, but too late to be in the running for the show.

The dogs that were chosen were both mixed breeds, one was a tiny Border Collie, and the other was the roundish black n tan dog in the first photo.

We got tickets for the show tomorrow night, which was a nice gift to say thankyou for trying out. It was good for Barbie and it fun to see how theatre auditions work.

Oh well, maybe next time.
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