Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doris Day's next Dog?

Doris Day

We have exciting news. Barbie is going to be attending a PAWDITION to play a part in Doris Day - So Much More than the Girl Next Door next Tuesday at the Regal Theatre. It's a musical narrative tribute to Doris Day by a country singer, Melinda Schneider. It's a very short season, there's a daytime performance on Wednesday (that's right, the day after the Pawdition!), and then it runs for 5 nights.

Melinda is going to pick the dog she wants to be on stage with her. All the role requires is that the dog can walk across the stage and then sit on a chaise lounge and be sang to. Melinda has starred with her own dogs in previous shows, but they are quite elderly now so the trip to Perth from Sydney would be too much for them.

I have ordered Barbie a new martingale and some red doggie nail polish to get dressed up for the auditions. I just hope she doesn't get freaked out by the theatre, but if she can cope with the environment she would be great, and it would get a lot of attention for other Greyhounds who are waiting for their redeployment papers.

About to become a superstar?

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