Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Greyhounds are agile and athletic creatures, but when we first got Barbie she didn't know how to use her legs for anything aside from walking, trotting or sprinting. Anything that involved uneven surfaces was a problem. Stairs, jumping into the car and jumping over logs while hiking were all very difficult for her. It even took her months to figure out how to get onto the couch.

Our regular routine is that I get home from work, get greeted enthusiastically at the door, and struggle my way through the house to let the dogs outside.

I usually do something else for 10 minutes - go and check the letter box, bring the bins in, take off my shoes, that kind of thing. Barbie makes her presence known at the back door when she wants to come in.

This evening I had just walked up the driveway and back, when I spotted this through the kitchen window.

The grass in the yard has just been slashed, so Barbie was on this narrow ledge between the retaining wall and the fence partaking in the only green grass she could find. If she's happy walking along there, the dog walk should be no problem for her, I reckon!
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