Friday, March 30, 2012

The lounge room makeover is complete, what is the verdict?

I have mentioned that we were getting new carpet and a new couch, and we were trying kitty repellant to keep their claws out of the new couch. I also got catnip spray to attract the kitties to the scratching tower I bought for them.

The catnip spray has no effect on the cats. I think they are the kitties that aren't attracted to catnip at all. I had tried catnip leaf toys with Froufrou before and she showed no interest in them. I was hoping that Mittens would like it.

The No Scratch Spray is supposed to have an odour totally repellent to the cats. It certainly seems to work. We used it on the old couches which they were already in the habit of scratching and it kept them away. We sprayed it on the new couch and I have not seen either of them lay a claw on it.

They do like to sit on the couch now though. It's been a bit of a change from having three separate couches where everyone claimed their own space. Now that the couch is just one continuous U-shape, everyone has to share a bit more deliberately.

The dogs have also shown their appreciation for the new carpet by spending hours sprawled on it. It is so soft and really nice to walk, sit or lie on. The lounge room is finally done and I think we are happy with the result. Since we moved in we replaced all the light fittings, painted and got curtains.... and now finished with the couch and carpet. It makes the rest of the house look a bit shabby now. It is certainly not that nice to walk on the old carpet in the bedrooms and hallway after luxuriating on the new stuff!

It will probably be another year before any more big renovations or replacements happen around here, so we will all be hanging in the lounge room more than usual!

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