Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diligent nail cutting may have it's rewards...

This is Bender tonight. He has been put under, had two nails which had been partially ripped off tidied up, and his others cut right back.

He has ripped nails off before. He goes so hard chasing his ball that his nails break under the force. This is the first time he has ripped off a dew claw, but it didn't completely come off.

While he is healing the vet said no walks for a week!! She said that if we get desperate we can take him out but should try covering up his foot with a sock. I think he'll be OK to walk in a couple of days. There is no way I'm keeping him in the house for a week!

Bender's nails have never really seemed to need trimming - they get worn down by themselves, but after this I think I will keep them as short as possible. The quicks should be fairly high up now the vets chopped off all his nails while he was sleeping. Hopefully we can work with his paw-aversion by offering yummy treats and maybe only doing a paw at a time.

I clipped Barbie's nails as soon as I got home. Her nails are so thick and dark, I got her quick a couple of weeks ago and she screamed at me. I only just nipped it though, it barely bled. She tries to pull her foot away after you have done one, but she doesn't carry on like Bender.

I had a look at using a Dremel to file dog's nails on youtube, and for the added noise and hazards, it seems like it takes longer than just using a good sharp pair of dog nail clippers. I think I'll stick to the clippers!

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Mason the Dog's Mom said...

My mommy uses a pedi paw on me! I have really thick pinkish-brownish nails so the quicken r hard to see. Ask her anytime easy training tips to let your doggies offer their paws when u ask :)


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