Friday, March 23, 2012

Toy Drive

Barbie didn't know what a stuffie was when we got her two years ago. Actually, she didn't even know what leaves were and was fascinated by them. She used to scoop one up in her muzzle and carry it around with her.

Anyway, I have been working with her to build her toy drive. We have gotten her a large variety of stuffed toys and I think I now have a good feel for the ones she likes. She prefers the expensive ones from the pet store that have more than one squeaker - she will take them to her bed and methodically munch on them until they squeak. There are some op shop stuffies that she likes, the softer the better.

So I went into the op shop in the city the other day and spotted a monkey with long arms, legs and a tail, for a princely sum of 50 cents. It was suitably soft and was already missing an eye. When I took it up to the cashier the lady said 'oh, I am so glad this little guy is going to a good home'. I didn't have the heart to tell her what kind of home he was actually going to.

She would have been absolutely horrified.

He has held up pretty well so far, about 5 or 6 tug sessions like this one. He is a bit goopy from Bender's slobber and lost his other eye, but so far all of his limbs are intact. Hopefully the monkey will hang around long enough to get a name, but we shall see....
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