Monday, March 12, 2012

The story of chewed Kindle (Amazon is great)

Barbie has a habit of eating pens and other things that are left on the coffee table, but she usually doesn't eat things that are bigger than, say, a TV remote.

For Christmas N bought me an Amazon Kindle WiFi - and it was excellent - I had read about 5 novels on it, and it had been living on the coffee table, next to my Macbook.

So dear readers, you can see where this is going. N works away, and when she goes, sometimes the doggies suffer from Separation Anxiety. I went to work as usual, and came home to see my Kindle was on the floor. It was still inside it's cover. A closer look revealed that the cover was mangled, and when I got the Kindle out this is what I found.

You can see the two teeth mark dents, one in each corner. The screen had been broken and the 'ink' had leaked so that only part of the screen still operated as it should. I posted on Facebook lamenting the Kindle's premature death and a friend suggested I contact Amazon, tell them the truth, and see if they could do a deal.

I logged into the live chat and told the operator what happened - my dog ate my Kindle. They asked me to try to reset it and I said it still didn't work, so they said 'the only thing to do since your Kindle is still under warranty is send you one free of charge'. They e-mailed me a return label and then sent out my new one. I got UPS to pick the broken one up from work.

The new one arrived today.

Thank you so much Amazon, you are awesome. Now I can keep buying and reading books from Amazon - I guess that's kind of the point. I can't buy books if I don't own a working Kindle now, can I?

Barbie would also like to thank Amazon, for without their generous replacement Kindle, she would be banished to the wasteland of the backyard every weekday for months.
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