Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sibling Love

The dogs have been enjoying the way I rearranged the house for Barbie's Dancing with the Doggie Stars routine.

I went shopping at K-mart on the weekend. I don't go to K-mart often because it requires riding up a rather steep hill, and then negotiating a car park full of rubber-burning feral locals. It was a little bit wet too, which ensured there were a few vehicles deliberately losing traction and fishtailing in the wet. What happened to the old code that if you can't light 'em up in the dry, you have no right to in the wet?

Anyway K-mart sells a variety of things. I went to look for some cheap sporting attire, and some cheap bike bits (a $3 bell and $8 kickstand for Nic's bike, and a $18 bike computer for mine). I just happened to see a bin full of dog squeakies shaped like junk food. I selected a burger for Bender's fat mouth, and a hot dog for Barbie's skinny one.

I then gave them the toys and sat back to watch what happened.

I have taken photos of them playing tug-of-war with their toys in the loungeroom before, so I decided a video would be better this time.

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