Thursday, June 2, 2011


Last night on our walk, Barbie almost made friends with strange-kitty!

The kitty isn't completely unknown to the dogs, they have seen it before. It is a big white kitty with a medium coat and some ginger spots on it's head. It never runs from the dogs.

Last night we were walking along as usual and Barbie stopped. I turned around to see what she was sniffing and it was white-ginger-kitty! It had it's back arched and was just out of Barbie's reach. Barbie stood, politely wagging her tail at it, like she does with her own kitties. It was curious but suspicious at the same time. It crept closer, but Barbie moved her head, and so it crept back and arched up again. I thought it was going to give Barbie a whack on the nose, but it didn't. They stood there looking at each other for at least a minute before I told Barbie it was time to go, and she turned her head and continued on her walk.

I think Barbie and the kitty will be friends :)
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