Sunday, February 3, 2013

Guildford - Doggie Heaven?

There is a brand new cafe open in Guildford called the 'Pet Lovers Cafe' and so Barbie and I just HAD to go and check it out! They have a website here, and they are also on Facebook.

It's at 151 James Street Guildford, and it's a lovely little shop - they have coffees and muffins for the humans, and so many goodies for the doggies.

When we went there was a gaggle of pugs in attendence. There was also this scaredy-cat Iggie who spent a lot of time hiding behind her mummy.

Barbie had a great look around and then realised there was a young Golden Retriever behind the counter so she kept trying to go behind there.

Everyone made a big fuss over Barbie and I bought a couple of presents. Bender got a floaty rubber tug toy (I almost bought him the lighthouse, but maybe next time), and a big wool stuffy bone for Barbie. They have thundershirts, lifejackets and all kinds of dog stuff that I have only seen online.

Doggie-accessory and snack retail is their primary trade and it's really nice to be able to take the dogs into a place which has coffee and muffins on offer as well. I will take Bender there next weekend perhaps.

After the visit to the shop the pavement was starting to get too hot for doggies to walk on (at 10.30am), so I took Barbie back to the car and we drove a short distance to Fishmarket Reserve, which is a great big park on the other side of the railway line. It runs along the river and is low-lying land which is probably in the 50 year flood zone, so it will always be a park and not developed for housing.

The first thing she did when we got out of the car was to lie down in the water to cool off. She has perfected this lying down in the water trick. The problem is that she was only on a short leash and she wanted to go deeper. She couldn't without making me get my feet wet!

I let Barbie off leash a little bit so that she could take a dip in the water without me ending up with soggy sandals. She was very well behaved, though it was too hot for zoomies. 

We sought out the shady spots, but it was still pretty hot, so we didn't stay for very long. Barbie was very happy to jump into the air conditioned car to go home. She will be looking forward to the end of summer, but we have quite a way to go yet.

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