Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Foster Creatures: Bumblebee

After my experience with Rodney, I really wanted to help some other homeless animals, but I knew that it would be hard to get a dog that would fit into the household and around my work schedule. I thought that perhaps it would be easier to foster a pussy cat. I wanted a healthy, adult male kitty to see if I could get my kitties to accept him.

Enter: a beautiful three year old Ragdoll boy named Bumblebee who needed a place to go urgently.

I have him set up in the bathroom. He is safe from the other kitties there, and he does seem to be a bit intimidated by Frou's posturing. I have let all the animals watch each other through the doorway. The dogs are fine and aren't overly interested in him, but he doesn't like them at all. He growls and hisses at them. 

Froufrou hisses at him and does her 'tomcat' meow. Mittens is a little more low key. It's only the second day so I think they will adjust. Ideally I will be able to have Bumblebee on my lap on the couch with everyone else. In the meantime he's safe in his room. 

I will have Bumblebee for at least a couple of weeks, because his original owner may be able to take him back. It would be great to see him go back to his original family, but I think he will do well wherever he goes. Being a Ragdoll he is hot property, but he also has a great temperament.

He is the first cat I have ever come across that I feel deserves the term 'boofa' which is a word normally reserved for bully & staffy cross dogs. He is so affectionate that it verges on roughness, the way that he ploughs his head into you and under your arms for pats. 

Fostering him gives the rescue organisation (CJ Animal Rescue) more time to assess applicants for his potential forever home to make sure he goes to the best possible one. 

I think that after Bumblebee moves on I will foster at least one other cat. It's quite rewarding, and I think Froufrou and Mittens will come around to the idea eventually. I mean Frou was absolutely cruel to little baby Mittens when we bought her in from the cold, so I think she will come around! 

If you are considering fostering, and you have some spare space in your house, why not consider taking on a pussy cat? 

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