Monday, February 11, 2013

Bender Update: Recovered from his broken tooth

Poor Bender. We really didn't realise how bad he was feeling with his broken premolar. He had gone quiet and didn't have as much energy. It seemed to happen gradually, and I thought he was just growing up. He is middle aged after all.

But now he has recovered from having his tooth out, it feels like he's a couple of years younger. People have gone back to asking if he is a puppy. He got out of the experience minus a tooth and plus a few grey hairs.

He will now willingly play tug-of-war with random dogs at the river. He is far less grumpy, and apparently he was very happy to see the Vet. Before he got his tooth out he was scared of her and kept trying to run away. Perhaps he realised that she was the one who made him all better.

Sometimes I wish our dogs could talk to us. He needed to say 'mum I have a thumping headache and I don't feel like doing much, I think it is my tooth!'

It is really just a reminder that if you ever see changes in your dogs' behaviour, don't take it for granted, pay close attention and get them to a Vet - they may pick up on something you will miss. I think Dr Beryl would have noticed his broken tooth if we had taken him in instead of waiting for him to get a puffy lump on his face.

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