Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mad Mittens

Mittens is a very entertaining kitty. She isn't young anymore but she still has her moments, like this one where she stole Bender's tyre toy and attacked it for ages.

We have developed a little morning ritual. I am usually lying on my side when I wake up, and Mittens is usually perched on my highest point - my hip. My alarm goes off and I reach down carefully to turn it off without upsetting her. I then roll slowly onto my back, and like a veteran log roller, Mittens walks around and sits on my belly until I get up. 

I usually make coffee and eat some toast, and then get ready to go, changing into my biking gear. Mittens swarms around me, dashing around my legs and standing up on her back legs to head butt my hands. When she gets tired of jumping up she will just hold on to my shorts with her claws while I pat her.

This morning I added a new element to our morning ritual. She usually sits in the bay window and watches me ride away. I decided to see what she would do if I held my hand up to the glass. She rubbed herself against the window next to my hand like one of those poor kitties you see in those glass cases at pet shops. 

She has come a long way from the dirty, tiny, feral kitten we bought inside the house three and a half years ago. 

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