Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just another weekend romp

The dog park at Whiteman Park always has a great variety of canines romping around enjoying their freedom.

This adorable Sibe tried to check my pockets for treats. I love Sibes, they are so pretty and usually quite sweet as well. There are usually a few Sibes at Whiteman Park because the park is fully fenced so it keeps their wandering and adventurous tendencies in check.

A pair of Borzoi always get a lot of attention. I am sure their mum gets bored of explaining to people that they are Russian Aristocrats. They don't tear around the park quite as quickly as Barbie but they do get a bit of speed up, and the way their hair flows as they move is just amazing to look at. 

Bender is always the popular kid. He had these two chasing him pretty much 100% of the time we were at the park. The small brindle doggie barked the whole time trying to get Bender's attention but was never successful! 

Bender's new friends watched him very closely wherever he went, including when he had his rest in the trough.

Barbie stood sentry duty and made sure that everyone who came in the gate checked in with her first. 

After a good run, they were exhausted. Bender thinks that the car arm rests are the perfect height and shape for resting his nose in. 

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