Thursday, August 2, 2012

City Farmers opening at Osborne Park

We found out about the grand opening of City Farmers in Osborne Park via Facebook. Desma and her beautiful Bengal cat, Gunny were going to be there to demonstrate Kongs and there were some good opening discounts. N had her eye on getting another bed for Princess Barbie, and we were after a new leash for Bender, as his is looking very tired.

There were a lot of people and other dogs there exploring the store. Gunny was up on the cat tower, surveying the scene very calmly. He is a very striking cat. Both the dogs wanted to stay hello but we respected his space and kept a little distance.

There were treats to be had, and many adoring fans. Bender sat nicely for almost everyone he saw who was wearing a brown shirt in the hope that more chicken jerky would come his way.

Barbie picked out a bed (that brown one to the left of her), and showed off her sit as well. She also shook hands with a nice City Farmers' man. 

Bender's ruffian side did show itself a couple of times, he managed to hump a young black labrador puppy and it was a struggle to get him off! He also looked like he would mount a couple of others but I managed to stop him. He made a lot of friends though, including an adorable little staffy girl who playbowed to him and tried her best to tangle herself up with his leash. He also attempted to pull me through a set of shelves in order to get to,... well I don't know what. The cheese in my pocket managed to get his attention most of the time. 

Here is their attempt to be sitting and looking at the camera, but they were too busy stating their case for more treats. 

Barbie really does love her adoring fans, look at the smile on her face in this shot! Desma let Bender have a go with a Kong Wobbler that you fill up with treats, and the dog pushes it around the floor so the food falls out. There were some boring little biscuits in the Kong, but Bender knew there was something better in there as well, so he kept pushing it around leaving biscuits everywhere, trying to get the good stuff. Barbie leant a hand and cleaned up the biscuits so that noone else had to.

There were also some snakes and lizards that people were holding. I would have liked to hold one but I didn't want the ruffians to take too much interest in the reptiles. 

Right as we were heading out, Bender christened the aisle with it's first poop! It was a massive one too. I think he was too busy barking at the neighbours when I put him outside this morning. The official photographer took many photos of Team BB, but he also took a rather unflattering shot of the poo before I could scoop it up with my poo bag! 

We walked out with a bed, pigs ears, a toy for Bender, a leash, and appropriately a pack of poo pickup bags! 

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