Thursday, January 6, 2011

My 5k Dog

Sorry about the stereo silence, I had assignments to finish, but now they are all done and I have been informed that I passed, so on with the free time!

Now that my right ankle has healed up pretty well, I've decided that I'm going to start from scratch with the Couch to 5k running program. The problem that I have is that I tend to push myself too hard. With my history of ankle injury and soft tissue injuries, I think that this time around I need to pace myself.

How to do that?

Run with a greyhound!

Last time I did the C2-5k I was taking both the dogs out for some of the runs, but Bender has a tendency to stop dead (usually for a potty break), and to run too fast downhill (which leads to me being pulled through the air when my feet are off the ground, which is bad for my ankle). Barbie on the other hand is the perfect lady on a run, keeping pace pretty well (until she is buggered) and never applying any pressure on the lead, changing direction etc. Her endurance level isn't the greatest at the moment, but neither is mine, and I find that running with her forces me to keep a slower pace.

When I was running with the dogs before I got them up to 3k before I hurt my ankle. It remains to be seen whether Barbie will get up there to 5ks.

Oh and the latest update on the Canine Good Citizen, looks like the test will be pushed back to February!
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