Monday, January 10, 2011

Nibbling on forbidden objects

Barbie has a thing for electrical wires. Not the normal thick ones, but the thin ones that are found on mobile phone chargers, headphones and my Macbook charger. She nibbles gently on them and strips the insulation off. She bites through half the wire, but she doesn't usually snip the whole thing off.

She also has a thing for hairbrushes, shoes, and as we found out a few days ago, sunglasses. She doesn't usually damage hairbrushes or shoes, but other things aren't quite as robust.

Barbie's list of things she has destroyed continues to grow. Last week she stole Nic's sunglasses off the table in the lounge room. She did her little happy dance but N did not think to investigate why she was dancing about. Then when I got home from work and was putting my bike away, I heard a loud crunch. Barbie had bitten clean through one of the plastic arms of the sunnies. N rushed over and scooped up her broken sunnies, and Barbie did the prettiest sit in an attempt to get them back to chew on some more!

On the weekend N caught Barbie nibbling on my Macbook charger. I was a bit pissed about this because N had unplugged my Macbook for some unknown reason and left the skinny end on the floor. She has damaged the outer wire but I'm not too sure about the internal wires. I am going to have to get a new one now.

Good thing she is so cute.
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