Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I didn't get any photos or videos of the beach date because the beach was busy, and so I was busy trying to keep track of Barbie. Barbie didn't really play with Joc, but she did chase Desma's other dog, Swan.

Swan squeaks as she runs and Barbie found this irresistible. Swan is a bit indifferent to other dogs, and she mainly did her own thing while Joc and Barbie took turns chasing her around. Swan also loves to dig at the beach, so I used her as an earth moving machine and got her to dig a moat for a sand castle.

I took the dogs down to my folks place for Christmas. They were both very well behaved. My parents have two dogs, Harry and Nudge, and they all get along pretty well. Barbie even tolerated the other dogs standing on her while she was trying to relax on the floor! I wanted to take them down to the river, but I went kayaking with dad instead, and my mum didn't want to be responsible for them down there. I saw a few crabs in the shallows and wondered if Barbie would see them, and whether she would attempt to catch them. She would probably get pinched!

Anyway, Christmas has been incredibly hot so the dogs haven't been able to do very much. They have been down to the local river a couple of times. Today is a bit cooler and Barbie seems much more comfortable. She's actually sitting on the couch for the first time in 3 days. I think they enjoyed the air conditioning at my parents place.
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