Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can I borrow your Greyhound?

Desma, the animal trainer who ran the CGC course that Barbie went on (and the exam was consequently delayed for), has a whippet x stumpy tail cattle dog called Joc. Joc has the best mix of the two for athleticism. At the age of two he is sailing over agility jumps like he has wings.

Anyway he has never met a dog faster than him. During our last few classes I suggested that Barbie and Joc might like to have a good run off leash. Barbie was definitely interested in him but there's not that much room to run at Billy's and there is not much traction on the concrete floors.

So we have set up a doggie date at City Beach on Sunday morning. It will be interesting to see how Joc reacts to being out paced. I'm sure Barbie will rub it in like she usually does. She will run past him, get him to chase, and then burn him off when he looks like catching up! He is quite a bit smaller than her but he has the cattle dog toughness so I'm sure he won't mind a bit of shouldering.

If they enjoy running together we can make it a semi regular thing.

This is Joc doing a jumping trial.

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