Friday, December 4, 2009

Greyhound visitor interactions - Episode 1

So Barbie has already had one visitor at our house - Cari came and said hello, and while Barbie was a little shy, she accepted scratches and pats pretty quickly.

Last night P & K came to visit. At first she was a bit shy, giving them sideways looks and skittering away from them when they put their hands out to pat her, but by the end of the night she was presenting herself for neck scratches.

I think she will learn that visitors are good, and then hopefully she will learn that strangers outside her house are good too. Then she can become yet another Greyhound Ambassador.


Ruthie said...

I often have the problem you described when removing freewheels. It seems especially with older bikes, the hub locknut is too far outside for a freewheel remover to fit over. I usually end up taking the whole hub apart just to get the fw off! If you find a better tool, please let me know!

jet said...

the dogs distracted me yet again!!!! I will report back on my search for a tool. I want to be able to change the discs over easy for when I want my dirt jumper back....

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