Thursday, December 24, 2009

Greyhound Update sent to GAP ...

We've almost had Barbie for 4 weeks now, and she is getting along really well with the cats now. They can sprint past, even jump over her and she barely raises her head. My older cat tried to lick her on the head like she does with Bender, but Barbie wasn't keen and walked away without any fuss.

I have taken her up to the fenced dog park in Ellenbrook a few times now, and she met Jerry there. They seem to enjoy each other's company, they stick together in the park. She has impressed most people at the park with her sprinting abilities and she gets along well with all dogs so far, even rude ones that try to climb onto her back. She is very assertive with other dogs, which is what makes her such a good friend for my sometimes rude boy Bender. She is sometimes scary for littler dogs but I just divert her and she goes off on her merry way.

Just wondering if you can get softer nylon muzzles for them, as Barbie has whacked people on the back of the legs a few times with her wire one. I also think some more sensitive other dogs don't like getting whacked with the muzzle when they are playing. I met Lewie down at Cannington one night and saw that he had a plastic one so he didn't whack the kids with it?

She is a dream on the lead and is getting more tolerant with being patted all over. She didn't like more intrusive handling like hugs at first but now she's learning to love them. She's been introduced to a toddler, and she was a little pushy at first but quickly learned not to crowd him and lick his face! Do you know anyone who does therapy type stuff with GAP dogs at nursing homes and stuff? I would love for Barbie to be able to do this when she is fully confident and tolerant of all kinds of pats and people.

I've also got a harness on order from Julie so that I can feel more secure that she won't back out of her collar. She only really tries to back up when she doesn't want to leave the park, or when other dogs are running around off leash but she can't. Julie was involved with Barbie's litter as well, and said she had to be carried out of her kennel when it was turn out time, sooky girl. She jumps out of the car now, but not in yet. :)

Her toilet training is coming along. She doesn't ask to go out but I have a schedule, and she knows what she is expected to do when I take her outside. The 4am wee break has worked great and I'm going to try and stretch that out gradually so she develops a bit more control.

Anyway, I love her and we are definitely keeping her forever :)) thankyou for matching us up with such a lovely girl. The next challenge is to intro her to my parents' spoilt, yappy terrier X, and their cats so that she can come with me to their house when I visit.
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