Monday, December 7, 2009

Greyhound Update sent to GAP

Barbies stitches look great and are due to come out today. I think she's healed up quite well.

She's only having a few problems in the house. She seems to have trouble getting into the toileting routine - especially overnight. I think I'm going to try and schedule a 4am wee break or something.

I have her on Advance Active, and she seems to have put on a little weight. Her skin is a bit dry, so I've been giving her a couple of pierced flax seed oil caps with dinner. I seems to be getting better.

Also she's really good with my younger cat now.... she's the brave one, she can walk all over Barbie and Barbie barely raises her head now. The other cat still gets whined at a bit. Hopefully Barbie will get over that with a bit more time though.

She is definately my shadow.... she follows me everywhere. She doesn't like being shut outside when I'm inside and has figured out how to open the sliding door... so I have to lock it when I want to dogs to stay out now!

The dogs have their morning 'racetrack' session and don't bother each other around their food. Barbie has stolen a couple of random items and chewed them a little but nothing valuable! She is a bit like having a fully grown puppy.

I took her for a drive down to my family Christmas party at a park down in Mandurah. She was wary at first and took maybe half an hour to settle and lie down but she happily accepted pats from everyone (especially the kids - do lots of greys have a soft spot for kids?) She was also really good for my old frail nana because she stood so quietly while accepting pats. She's not jumping in and out of the car yet, but I think it will come eventually.

I also took her and Bender to the dog park at Whiteman Park. She did a lap with some kind of heeler cross dog, and then layed down in the shade. She quickly had a 9 year old boy as a 'friend' sitting next to her and patting her. She lapped it up. Her recall at the park is woeful but she is so lazy that I didn't have to 'catch' her, she was already lying down.

I'm planning on bringing her along to the next 'playgroup'. :) Will also look at doing some obedience classes with her. I find it's hard to keep her interested - as opposed to Bender who will be focussed on you as long as you have treats in your pocket.

Anyway she's a smart dog, and hopefully we will figure out the toilet thing! and the jumping in and out of the car thing.
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