Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Old Bakery Gallery and Cafe - Maylands

This cafe is an old favorite of ours, and I got an e-mail on Friday that prompted me to blog about it - the Old Bakery on 8th is going up for auction! I just hope the new owners continue to run it as a cafe and keep it as dog friendly as it has been all this time. 

The Old Bakery is blessed with this beautiful leafy courtyard with established trees and plenty of shade. There is a rear entrance, near where those cars are parked in this picture, and it was very convenient for me to park the doggie trailer out the back.

Bender, Barbie and Mouse have shared breakfast with us in this lovely spot with many other friends. If anything lets the place down it is that the poached eggs are sometimes overcooked.

We took Barbie this weekend for a just-in-case final hurrah. We don't know what will happen when the place is sold. I got my usual eggs benedict and a cappuccino.

Barbie of course laid down in the corner on the cool sand under the trees. There were a bunch of pigeons flapping around in the garden nearby but they didn't really get her attention. It seemed like no one really noticed her, usually at least someone would come to say hello. I think she was secretly happy that she could laze around uninterrupted until we were ready to pass her some of our left overs.

After breakfast we took a little stroll around the surrounding suburb for Barbie to stretch her legs. Unfortunately due to the very hot weather the last month, we can't stay outside much past 10am so we had to head home after a very short wander around the block. 

I just hope that the new owners of this place continue to trade as a cafe, and continue to be dog friendly. Otherwise we will be mourning the loss of an old favorite!

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